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Table of Contents

Career Experience



Conference Papers

Academic Workshops Taught

Continuing Education

Academic Courses Taught

Community Presentations

Academic Consulting

Professional and Community Activities

Professional Organizations and Honors

University Service



Skills Summary

  • Online and traditional instructional experience in political science, economics, geography, sociology, computers, education and business and personnel management

  • Department chair and program director experience in academic management, leadership and evidence-based decision making

  • Extensive experience in the academic accreditation process -- including the creation and implementation of department, program, faculty and course evaluation systems

  • Private sector experience in marketing, personnel training and management

  • Active leadership and participation in academic, community and political organizations

  • Frequent community speaker

  • Political consultant for a variety of news media

  • Published author of articles encompassing a wide range of topics

  • Experience with computers, technology and an extensive variety of software




Career Experience

  • 2006-2010 Northeast Lakeview College, San Antonio TX

    Chair, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Assistant Professor of Political Science, Economics, Geography, Sociology

  • 2005-2006 The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler TX

    Online Senior Lecturer in Economics (one-year appointment)

  • 2004-2009 Angelina College, Lufkin TX

    Online Adjunct Professor of Economics

  • 2004-2006 KTPB-FM 88.7, Kilgore TX

    News Reporter and Commentator

  • 2003-pres Jacksonville College, Jacksonville TX

    Online Adjunct Professor of Geography, Economics, Political Science

  • 2000-2013 Lon Morris College, Jacksonville TX

    Online Adjunct Professor of Economics, Geography, Political Science, Sociology

  • 1998-2008 Aims Community College, Greeley CO

    Online Adjunct Instructor of Economics, Geography, Political Science

  • 1992-pres Amy Glenn and Associates, Flint TX

    Business AND Political Consultant

    1995 Assisted Living Concepts, Portland OR

    State Operations Management

    1994 Lutheran Health Systems, Fargo ND

    Network Operations / Business Development

    1992-1994 Neurodevelopmental Institutes of North America, Vienna VA

    Communications and Marketing Management

    Freelance Writer (published) - fiction, nonfiction, newsletter, columnist

  • 1991-2003 KTBB-AM 600, Tyler TX

    Radio Commentator and Host of the daily Amy Glenn Show

  • 1984-2006 Tyler Junior College, Tyler TX

    Chair, Department of Education

    Director, Accelerated Certification for Educators (ACE) Program

    Instructor of Political Science, Economics, Geography, Education

  • 1984-1985 The Ohio State University, Mansfield OH

    Chair and Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science (one-year appointment)

  • 1984 Tropical Renewable Resources Program, Costa Rica

    Public Policy Researcher and Consultant

  • 1983-1992 The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler TX

    Senior Lecturer in Political Science

  • 1981-1983 The Ohio State University, Columbus OH

    Director of Alumnae Fund Phone Bank

  • 1977-1978 US Post Office, Tyler TX

    City Route Mail Carrier

  • 1972-1976 United States Marine Corps

    Honorable Discharge at rank of Sergeant (E5)

  • 1969-2006 Certified Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor

    Certified lifeguard / Head Guard / Pool Manager at several facilities

Personal and professional references are available on request.






  • 2013 The Ohio State University

    Ph.D. in Political Science and Latin American Studies

    successfully passed General Examinations

    Dissertation: A Study of the Role of Foreign Aid in Deforestation Policies in Costa Rica

    dissertation defense not yet scheduled

    Areas of Specialization: methods and techniques, policy design and management, foreign policy, development policy, Latin American studies

  • 2001 Texas A&M University at Commerce

    Ed.D. in Supervision, Curriculum and Instruction - Higher Education

    Dissertation: A Comparison of Distance Learning and Traditional Learning Environments

    Areas of Specialization: technology, online education, student engagement, administration

  • 1980 The University of Texas at Tyler

    Bachelor of Science in Political Science and English

  • 1977 Tyler Junior College

    Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

Copies of unofficial transcripts are available on request.





Continuing Education

  • Educational Technology

  • Faculty On Line

  • GIS Software

  • Microsoft Front Page

  • Top Class, Examiner, Questionmark Perception and EduTech Testing Software

  • Incorporating Active Learning Strategies in the College Classroom

  • From Good Teaching to Student Learning

  • Framework for Student Mental Health and Violence Prevention

  • Coping with Classroom Incivilities

  • Internet-Based Course Certification

  • Curriculum Redesign

  • Student Motivation

  • Learning Styles Academy

  • Intel's Teach to the Future Faculty Trainer

  • Supervisor and Manager Training: Progressive Discipline

  • Creating an Active Learning Environment

  • Achieving the Dream

  • Pedagogy for Distance Learning

  • Plagiarism Pitfalls and Prevention Strategies

  • Teaching Intellectual Honesty

  • Unbundling Faculty Duties in Distance Courses

  • Healing Wounds as a College Administrator

  • Retaining Gen X and Millennial Generation Students

  • Damage Control: Communication in Difficult Situations

  • Using Emotional Intelligence to Navigate Critical Administrator Skills

  • Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility

  • Leadership Challenges for Community Colleges

  • Service Learning 101

  • Service Learning and Civic Responsibility

  • Surviving an Active Shooter in the Workplace

  • Focus PDCA

  • Protecting Human Research Subjects: Institutional Review Board Guidelines (NIH)

  • Teaching and Assessing for Critical Thinking and Deep Learning

  • Service Learning: Why and How

  • Streaming Video

  • The Family Factor: Family Involvement for Student Retention and Success in College

  • Best Practices for Hybrid Courses

  • Safe and Secure in the Academic Environment

  • Hiring Processes and Procedures

  • Ethical Decision Making

  • TCCTA's annual Leading From the Middle (multiple sessions)

  • TCEA Annual Conference (workshops and classes focusing on classroom technologies)

  • Certified Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor

  • Certified First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillator

  • OS COBOL Programming

  • Recruiting Personnel

  • Professional Selling Skills

  • Advanced Grant Writing

  • Researching Your Market

  • Community Small Business Program

  • Microsoft Office Professional

  • Motivational Concepts: Tuning In

  • Helping Clients Deal With Death

  • Myers Briggs Testing

  • Personal Assistance Services - Standards and Funding Sources

  • Training Unlicensed Personnel

  • Dealing With Angry Customers

  • Political Campaign Management School





Academic Courses Taught

  • American Politics and Government

  • American and State Government

  • Texas Politics and Government

  • Introduction to Political Science

  • Global/World Problems

  • Introduction to Comparative Governments

  • Central American Politics

  • Western European Politics

  • Third World Politics

  • Politics in Contemporary Societies

  • International Relations

  • Introduction to International Politics

  • Interpreting International Politics

  • Theories of Development

  • American Foreign Policy

  • International Conflict

  • Latin American Politics

  • Southeast Asian Politics

  • African Politics

  • Environmental Politics

  • Political Ideologies

  • Introduction to Politics

  • The American Constitution

  • Introduction to Public Administration

  • Introduction to Macroeconomics, Principles of Economics I

  • Introduction to Microeconomics, Principles of Economics II

  • Money and Banking

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • Social Problems

  • Marriage and Family

  • Contemporary Social Issues

  • Statistics in Social Sciences

  • World Geography, World Regional Geography, Human Geography

  • Physical Geography

  • Latin American Geography

  • Introduction to Education

  • School and Society

  • Family and the Community

  • Nutrition, Health and Safety

  • Child Growth and Development

  • Introduction to Early Childhood Education

  • Principles and Practices of Multicultural Education

  • Introduction to Special Populations

  • Travel study courses in Political Science

  • Televised and interactive-television courses in Economics, Political Science

  • Hybrid courses in Economics, Geography, Political Science, Sociology

  • Internet courses in Economics, Education, Geography, Political Science, Sociology

View sample courses at

Copies of annual Classroom Observation and Student Evaluation are available on request.

Copies of sample syllabi and assignments are available on request.






  • The Political Economy of Deforestation in Costa Rica (with Dr. John Dryzek), A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Renewable Energy Resources in Developing Countries, Columbus, Ohio: Publishing Horizons, 1986, pages 203-16.

  • Texas Politics and Government, United States Government: Democracy in Action, Westerville, Ohio: Glencoe, 1991, supplement.

  • For Democracy’s Sake, E-Guide, Volume 4, Issue 4, page 31.

  • The House on the Hill, Touchstone, 1998, pages 15-18.

  • E-Politics, biweekly electronic publication, 1998-2003.

  • TeleCourse Guide for Texas Politics and You, New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1998.

  • Instructor’s Manual and Test Item File for The Politics of American Government, New York: St. Martin’s, 1999.

  • Confessions of a Country Church Pianist, small paper weekly column 2000-2003.

  • Using the Internet to Enhance the Relevance of Government Courses at Tyler Junior College, Teaching and Learning, Washington, D.C.: ITC, 2000, pages 51-8.

  • Student Opinion on Community College Baccalaureate Degrees (with Dr. Frank S. Glenn), The Community College Enterprise, Volume 9, Number 1 (Spring 2003), pages 49-57.

  • Student Learning Outcomes In Three Easy Steps for NLC Faculty, 2007.

  • Physical Geography Field Manual for Alamo Community College District students, 2008.

  • Current Research

    Border Readings: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the US-Mexican Border (with Dr. Frank S. Glenn)

    The Role of Foreign Aid in Deforestation Policies in Costa Rica

    Pre-service teachers' attitudes and beliefs about classroom diversity (with Dr. Frank S. Glenn)





Conference Papers

  • Haitian Politics: From Dechoukaj to Democracy (with Terri Davis), Southwestern Social Sciences Association, 1988

  • The Effects of Single-Member vs. At-Large Elections on School Board Responsiveness (with Jacqueline Maxfield), Southwestern Social Sciences Association, 1988

  • Rethinking Modernization Theory: Development in Haiti, Southwestern Social Sciences Association, 1989

  • Ethnicity and Politics: The Haitian Dilemma, Caribbean Studies Association, 1989

  • Modernization and Deforestation in Costa Rica, Caribbean Studies Association, 1990

  • The Twilight of Costa Rica: A Sustainable Earth Scenario, Caribbean Studies Association, 1992

  • Using Web-Based Instruction in Political Science, Teaching Politics Virtual Conference, 1999

  • Staying in Touch with your Distance Students (with Gay Howard, Noamie Byrum, Chris Stewart), TeleLearning Conference, 1999

  • Designing a Distance Learning Course that has the Potential to Do it All, Distance Education Conference, 2000

  • Doing it All at a Distance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Instructional Technology for Institutions and Faculty (with Dr. Shirley Waterhouse), Innovations Conference (League for Innovation), 2000

  • Using the Web to make Political Science Relevant and Using the Web to make Economics Relevant, Southwestern Economics Association, 2000

  • Designing a Distance Learning Course that Can Do it All, NISOD, 2000

  • Using the Web to make Political Science Relevant, American Political Science Association, 2000

  • Computers in the Classroom: A How-To for Higher Education Classes, Southwestern Social Sciences Association, 2001 and 2002

  • Computers in the Classroom: A How-To for Higher Education Classes, North Texas Community College Consortium Spring Conference, 2001

  • Critical Surfing, NISOD, 2001

  • The Retention of Black Male Students in Texas Public Community Colleges (with Dr. Frank S. Glenn), Transfer: The Forgotten Function of Community Colleges Conference, 2001





Academic Workshops Taught

  • Student Learning Outcomes in Three Easy Steps

  • Brown Bag Workshop Series for New and Adjunct Faculty

    Teaching 101

    Getting Students to Prep Before Class

    Student Writing: Research and Papers and Formats, Oh My!

    The Community College Student: What Can I Expect of My Students?

    Engaging All Your Students

    Dealing with Difficult Students

    Leading Meaningful Discussions

    Assignments with Bling

    Student Evaluation: When Is an A Really an A?

    Teaching Students How to Learn

    Time-Saving Techniques: Grading, Record-Keeping, Communicating and Other Mechanics

  • Successfully Teaching with Technology

  • Computers in the Classroom

  • The Nature of Distance Learning

  • Teaching by Internet: A Three-Part Workshop

  • Using the Internet to Make Learning Relevant

  • Teaching via Two-way Television

  • Skills Required for Success in Distance Learning

  • Evaluating the Extended Classroom

  • Online Testing

  • Creating a Web Page Structure

  • Critical Surfing: Information vs. Knowledge

  • Teaching Adult Learners

  • What do We Gain from Diversity?

  • Using Short Reports to Teach Writing across the Disciplines

  • Grading by Portfolio

  • Making Learning Relevant

  • Engaging the Learner

  • Dealing with Disasters in the Classroom

  • The Rule of Three

  • Classroom Management: Discipline without Distress

  • Successful Parent-Teacher Communication

  • Indicators of High Quality Preschool Education

  • Indicators of High Quality Primary Grades Education

  • Understanding No Child Left Behind

  • Getting Published in Academic Journals

  • Conducting Social Science Research on the Internet

  • How to Land a Job in Higher Education





Community Presentations

  • The Supreme Court

    How Does the Supreme Court Work?

    Current Cases before the Supreme Court

    The Making of a New Justice

  • Understanding the Declaration of Independence

  • Understanding the US Constitution

  • The Political Views of the Mayflower Pilgrims

  • Beyond the Compact: The Politics of the Mayflower Colony

  • The Revolution of Ideas: Social Contract Theory

  • 1215: The Year of Change

  • Is the Magna Carta Relevant in the 21st Century?

  • George Washington: America's First Actor-President

  • Understanding Property Taxes

  • The Texas Constitutional Amendment Election (in odd numbered years)

  • Various topics of interest to local communities

  • Vote Smart

  • Critical Voting: How to Make Your Vote Count

  • Understanding Polls

  • Understanding Campaign Fund Raising

  • Understanding Political Debates

  • National Elections (in relevant years)

  • The Presidential Election (in relevant years)

  • Texas Elections (in relevant years)

  • Critical Election Issues (in relevant years)

  • Nuclear Weapons

    Has North Korea Gone Nuclear?

    Has Iran Gone Nuclear?

    India vs. Pakistan

  • Terrorism

    What is a WMD?

    The Terrorism Cast of Characters

    A Comparison of Past and Present Terrorism

  • Developing Nations

  • Defensive Alliances: NATO, SEATO and Others

  • Political Alliances: the UN

  • Understanding No Child Left Behind

  • The Case For Vouchers

  • Energy and the Environment

  • Central American Politics

  • South American Politics

  • Caribbean Politics

  • African Politics (Topics cover specific regions as well as current issues.)

  • European Politics (Topics cover individual countries as well as regional topics.)

  • The EEC

  • Eastern European Politics

  • Russian Politics

  • Southeast Asian Politics

  • Chinese Politics (Topics cover current domestic and international issues.)

  • Middle Eastern Politics

  • OPEC

  • The State of the Economy – annual

  • Understanding the Federal Reserve

  • The Federal Reserve and Interest Rates

  • Unemployment and The Economy

  • The US National Debt

  • International Trade

  • The World Trade Organization

  • Flattery in the Workplace

  • How to Write a Good Speech

  • Common Mistakes for New Managers





Academic Consulting

  • Political and economic consultant for electronic media in northeast Texas since 1984 and in south Texas since 2006

  • Media political commentator since 1991

  • Textbook, video and software reviews for various publishing houses since 1994*

  • Textbook and test bank editing for various publishing houses since 1995*

  • American Government Instructor Manual and Test Item File for St. Martin’s Press, 1998

  • City Development Guide for City of Longview TX, 1999

  • Textbook website development for various publishing houses since 2003

    including St. Martin, Pearson, Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill and Cengage





Professional and Community Activities

  • Convention Director, Southwestern Social Sciences Association

  • Program Committee, Teaching Politics Virtual Conference

  • Panel Chair and Discussant, American Political Science Association

  • Panel Chair and Discussant, Southwestern Social Science Association

  • Academic Decathlon (annual)

  • NEA's Big Read (annual)

  • Expanding Your Horizons (annual)

  • League of Women Voters Local Studies Chair

  • County Party Vice Chair

  • Precinct Party Chair

  • Election Judge

  • Annual United Way Steering Committee

  • Membership Chair and Newsletter Chair, local neighborhood association

  • Parliamentarian and Chair of By-Laws Committee for Texas SOMD

  • Frequently-requested speaker for community groups and organizations





Professional Organizations and Honors

  • Southwestern Social Sciences Association

  • Western Social Sciences Association

  • American Political Science Association

  • American Association of University Professors

  • Texas Community College Teachers Association

  • American Association of University Women

  • Texas Computer Education Association

  • ICADIS Crisis and Options in Central America International Group

  • Pi Sigma Alpha

  • Kappa Delta Pi

  • Alpha Chi Honor Society

  • Amoco Foundation Chancellor's Council Teaching Award

  • Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges

  • Outstanding Young Women of America

  • Who's Who among American Teachers





University Service

  • Faculty Senate President

  • Faculty Senate President-Elect

  • Faculty Senate Secretary

  • SACS Self-Study Committee Chair

  • Institutional Review Board Chair and Member

  • New Faculty Mentor

  • Department Chair

  • Division Chair

  • Faculty Advisor

  • Frequent provider of faculty professional development workshops

  • Continuous service on a variety of department, college, university and district committees

Copies of annual Peer Review and Faculty Evaluation of Chair are available on request.





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