Campus Workshops Taught

  • Student Learning Outcomes in Three Easy Steps

  • Brown Bag Workshop Series for New and Adjunct Faculty

    Teaching 101

    Getting Students to Prep Before Class

    Student Writing: Research and Papers and Formats, Oh My!

    The Community College Student: What Can I Expect of My Students?

    Engaging All Your Students

    Dealing with Difficult Students

    Leading Meaningful Discussions

    Assignments with Bling

    Student Evaluation: When Is an A Really an A?

    Teaching Students How to Learn

    Time-Saving Techniques: Grading, Record-Keeping, Communicating and Other Mechanics

  • Successfully Teaching with Technology

  • Computers in the Classroom

  • The Nature of Distance Learning

  • Teaching by Internet: A Three-Part Workshop

  • Using the Internet to Make Learning Relevant

  • Teaching via Two-way Television

  • Skills Required for Success in Distance Learning

  • Evaluating the Extended Classroom

  • Online Testing

  • Creating a Web Page Structure

  • Critical Surfing: Information vs. Knowledge

  • Teaching Adult Learners

  • What do We Gain from Diversity?

  • Using Short Reports to Teach Writing across the Disciplines

  • Grading by Portfolio

  • Making Learning Relevant

  • Engaging the Learner

  • Dealing with Disasters in the Classroom

  • The Rule of Three

  • Classroom Management: Discipline without Distress

  • Successful Parent-Teacher Communication

  • Indicators of High Quality Preschool Education

  • Indicators of High Quality Primary Grades Education

  • Understanding No Child Left Behind

  • Getting Published in Academic Journals

  • Conducting Social Science Research on the Internet

  • How to Land a Job in Higher Education



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