Community Presentations

  • The Supreme Court

    How Does the Supreme Court Work?

    Current Cases before the Supreme Court

    The Making of a New Justice

  • Understanding...

    the US Constitution

    the Declaration of Independence

    the US Congress

    American Political Parties

  • The Political Views of the Mayflower Pilgrims

  • Beyond the Compact: The Politics of the Mayflower Colony

  • The Revolution of Ideas: Social Contract Theory

  • 1215: The Year of Change

  • Is the Magna Carta Relevant in the 21st Century?

  • George Washington: America's First Actor-President

  • Understanding Property Taxes

  • The Texas Constitutional Amendment Election (in odd numbered years)

  • Various topics of interest to local communities

  • Vote Smart

  • Critical Voting: How to Make Your Vote Count

  • Understanding...

    the Primary Election System

    Polls and Public Opinion

    Campaign Fund Raising

    Political Debates

  • National Elections (in relevant years)

  • The Presidential Election (in relevant years)

  • Texas Elections (in relevant years)

  • Critical Election Issues (in relevant years)

  • Nuclear Weapons

    Has North Korea Gone Nuclear?

    Has Iran Gone Nuclear?

    India vs. Pakistan

  • Terrorism

    What is a WMD?

    The Terrorism Cast of Characters

    A Comparison of Past and Present Terrorism

  • The Rise and Spread of Islamic State

  • The Kurds and the Uncertain Emergence of Kurdistan

  • The Struggle over the South China Sea

  • Developing Nations

  • Defensive Alliances: NATO, SEATO and Others

  • Political Alliances: the UN

  • Understanding No Child Left Behind

  • The Case For Vouchers

  • Energy and the Environment

  • Central American Politics

  • South American Politics

  • Caribbean Politics

  • African Politics (Topics cover specific regions as well as current issues.)

  • European Politics (Topics cover individual countries as well as regional topics.)

  • The EU

  • Eastern European Politics

  • Russian Politics

  • Southeast Asian Politics

  • Chinese Politics (Topics cover current domestic and international issues.)

  • Middle Eastern Politics

  • OPEC

  • The State of the Economy – annual

  • Understanding the Federal Reserve

  • The Federal Reserve and Interest Rates

  • Unemployment and The Economy

  • The US National Debt

  • International Trade

  • The World Trade Organization

  • Flattery in the Workplace

  • How to Write a Good Speech

  • Common Mistakes for New Managers

  • The Toxic Boss

  • Generational Diversity in the Workplace

  • Defining and Eliminating Sexual Harassment



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