Final Exam Review


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The Final Examination has 40 multiple-choice questions. The questions on the final are taken from the textbook and the online materials. The following review is comprehensive. That means that if you see it here, you'll see it on the test. If you don't see it here, you're not responsible for it. Good luck on the final. Let me know if you have questions.

  1. sociology

  2. science

  3. Émile Durkheim is known for his classic sociological study of ___.

  4. anomie

  5. verstehen

  6. What is an ideal type?

  7. microsociology

  8. functionalist perspective

  9. latent functions

  10. manifest functions

  11. dysfunction

  12. conflict perspective

  13. Which individual helped to create the NAACP and believed that “knowledge was essential in combating prejudice and achieving tolerance and justice”?

  14. interactionist perspective

  15. the scientific method

  16. steps in the scientific method

  17. steps in the scientific method

  18. steps in the scientific method

  19. operational definition

  20. hypothesis

  21. variable

  22. independent variable

  23. dependent variable

  24. correlation

  25. random sample

  26. representative sample

  27. reliability

  28. validity

  29. control variable

  30. research design

  31. survey

  32. observational research / observation

  33. experiment

  34. secondary analysis

  35. the Hawthorne effect

  36. culture

  37. society

  38. cultural universals

  39. diffusion

  40. material culture



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