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The Final Examination has 40 multiple-choice questions. The questions on the final are taken from the textbook and the online materials. The following review is comprehensive. That means that if you see it here, you'll see it on the test. If you don't see it here, you're not responsible for it. Good luck on the final. Let me know if you have questions.

  1. political culture

  2. Texas triangle

  3. federal system

  4. What is the single best socioeconomic predictor of the likelihood of an individual to vote?

  5. How often do regular sessions of the Texas legislature occur?

  6. weak executive

  7. What is probably the most important executive power of the governor?

  8. The traditional Texas fiscal policy is the achievement of a balanced budget through _____ taxes and _____ levels of public spending. (low, high)

  9. What is the area of governmental policy that deals with taxation and spending?

  10. When does the fiscal year in Texas begin and end?

  11. As a citizen, how are you most likely to participate in the judicial process?

  12. jurisdiction

  13. What is the most visible special district in Texas?

  14. The land provided the basis for the growth of three economic undertaking which were central in Texas’ development. What were they?

  15. What are the tax sources for Texas cities?

  16. What is the status of counties under the Texas Constitution?

  17. Who is responsible for adopting the county’s budget and setting the property tax rate?

  18. special district

  19. What is the principal means of political participation for most Texans?

  20. What was a device used in Texas to prevent many lower income persons from voting during much of the 20th century?

  21. In order to obtain a primary nomination in Texas, a candidate must receive _____ of the popular vote.

  22. How are Texas primary elections classified? (closed, open, blanket, etc.)

  23. In order to win a general election in Texas, a candidate must receive _____ of the popular vote.

  24. What is the basic level in the party organization in Texas?

  25. Which policies would a conservative support?

  26. Which policies would a liberal support?

  27. What was probably the single factor most responsible for Republican growth in Texas after WWII?

  28. Texans are most likely to learn political information about candidates from what source?

  29. interest group

  30. What is the principal purpose of political party activity?

  31. What is the principal purpose of interest group activity?

  32. Which occupational group is least likely to have a large representation in an interest group?

  33. lobbying

  34. Texas has _____ parties and _____ interest groups. (strong, weak)

  35. What are the qualifications to run for the Texas legislature?

  36. At what point in the legislative process do citizens have an opportunity to provide testimony regarding a bill?

  37. Reaction to _____ brought about the type of governor created by our constitution.

  38. Of the following, which is most important in determining the level of state services available to Texans?  Initiatives by the governor, pressures from interest groups, decision by agency boards or administrators, or spending directives by the legislature?

  39. Which courts are considered the chief trial courts in Texas?

  40. The state budget period is for how many years?



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