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Assessment of Effective Study Time

Print the table below ... one copy for each day. Keep track, in blocks of time rounded off to 30 minutes, of the time you spend studying, working on assignments or doing any other academically-related work. Enter the data requested in the table. For example, if you did academic work from 1:55 pm to 3:10 pm, fill in the lines next to 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm. Make notes of where you were and what you did. Be sure to rate your own sense of effectiveness of each half-hour segment by using the scale below. It may help to log other activities like exercise, job, sleep and etc to see if there are patterns.


3 = highly effective, achieved a great deal academically

2 = moderately effective, achieved a reasonable amount

1 = barely effective, achieved something but not much

0 = not effective, opened books but achieved basically nothing

DAY _______________________




Effectiveness Rating




Effectiveness Rating

6:00 am




6:00 pm




6:30 am




6:30 pm




7:00 am




7:00 pm




7:30 am




7:30 pm




8:00 am




8:00 pm




8:30 am




8:30 pm




9:00 am




9:00 pm




9:30 am




9:30 pm




10:00 am




10:00 pm




10:30 am




10:30 pm




11:00 am




11:00 pm




11:30 am




11:30 pm












12:30 pm




12:30 am




1:00 pm




1:00 am




1:30 pm




1:30 am




2:00 pm




2:00 am




2:30 pm




2:30 am




3:00 pm




3:00 am




3:30 pm




3:30 am




4:00 pm




4:00 am




4:30 pm




4:30 am




5:00 pm




5:00 am




5:30 pm




5:30 am




Daily total hours spent on studying/writing/academic work = _____________


Study Effectiveness Assessment

After one week of logging your activities (7 pages) take some time to examine your habits. Honestly answer the Study Effectiveness Assessment questions below. If you are honest, the questions will help you discover useful information and find ways to make your study time more effective so you can have greater success in college.

  1. How many total hours did you study this past week?

  2. How many of those hours were at the highest level of effectiveness?

  3. What do you notice about the amount of academic time vs. the amount of time spent on other activities?


  4. What do you notice about the locations where you chose to work?


  5. What do you notice about the times of day you chose to work?


  6. What is your level of satisfaction with the time and effectiveness of your present study habits?


  7. Overall, what were your most effective times and locations?


  8. What do you think accounts for that?


  9. Do you see any relationship between your academic effectiveness and factors such as working just before or after your job, exercising, sleeping and etc?


  10. What "big things" have you discovered about your own academic effectiveness and what changes will you make as a result of your discoveries?

        Comparison of Study Method Effectiveness



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