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The Final Examination has 40 multiple-choice questions. The questions on the final are taken from the textbook and the online materials. The following review is comprehensive. That means that if you see it here, you'll see it on the test. If you don't see it here, you're not responsible for it. Good luck on the final. Let me know if you have questions.

  1. What is the most important aspect of globalization?

  2. At the most fundamental level, what drives globalization?

  3. What is Earth's current population?

  4. In the DTM, which stage has both high death rates and high birth rates?

  5. In the DTM, which stage has both a low birth rate and a low death rate?

  6. In the DTM, which stage is associated with an advanced industrial society?

  7. What are the push forces for migration?

  8. What fraction of the world's population lives in urban areas?

  9. What forces are considered centrifugal forces?

  10. What types of information does a population pyramid provide?

  11. Which country produces the greatest amount of greenhouse gases?

  12. What percent of the Earth's water exists as fresh water?

  13. On global average, what type of natural disaster kills the most people?

  14. culture

  15. Where are the densest population areas of North America located?

  16. What is the dominant religion in the US?

  17. Which organization seeks to facilitate world trade?

  18. What is the greatest threat to biodiversity in Latin America?

  19. What are the major reasons for the rural-to-urban migration in Latin America?

  20. What was the major factor in the demographic collapse of native people in Latin America?

  21. What is the most populous country in the Caribbean?

  22. What were the characteristics of agriculture in the Caribbean colonies?

  23. What are the characteristics of the population of Sub-Sahara Africa?

  24. What is the most widely used language in Sub-Sahara Africa?

  25. What are the major world religions to come from Southwest Asia?

  26. What is probably the oldest environmental problem in Southwest Asia and North Africa?

  27. How does Orthodox Christianity differ from Roman Catholicism?

  28. To which region of the world can the birth of the nation-state best be traced?

  29. Why does European Russia have a higher population than Asian Russia?

  30. What was the last major empire in the world to disintegrate?

  31. What is the most common type of language used in Central Asia?

  32. What was the last country to come under communist control?

  33. How is most of China's electricity generated?

  34. Which country has the highest population density in East Asia?

  35. Which two South Asian countries' relationship is characterized by periodic nuclear tension?

  36. What is the most isolated country in South Asia?

  37. cultural hearth

  38. What is the most populous country in Southeast Asia?

  39. diffusion

  40. What environmental problem is most prevalent in Oceana?



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