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Function grapher and several calculators and tests are below table.

A Quick Guide to Reading Data & Understanding Scholarly Research

Three Ways to Tell If Research Is Bunk amazing statistical graphing tool created by Hans Rosling

Easy Unit Converter

Social Science Information Gateway: over 250,000 links

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

Harvard-MIT Data Center: repository of quantitative social science data

National Opinion Research Center: the General Social Survey

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Top 5 Search Engines For the Deep Web

St Olaf’s Sources for Research in Political Science

Ref free reference resources

Top Reference: reference website links to browse for education, libraries, dictionaries, colleges, universities, k-12, language schools, book and magazines

RefSeek: reference directory

From Google: Better Search Results

Google and Beyond

Getting the Most from Google

Beyond Google: Other Good Search Engines

iTools!: quick access to internet search and research tools

Measurement Unit Converter: weight, length, temperature, time, etc

The Elements of Style by William Strunk

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations by John Bartlett

APA Guide to Library Research

Tips on Telephone Sampling

Research Methods and Statistics Links

APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct

APA Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals

Office for Human Research Protections

Additional Links on Research Ethics

APA Style Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions About APA Style

How to Cite Information from the World Wide Web

AltaVista: includes powerful advanced searches and translations

Excite: has keyword searching, topic categories and reviews

Google: most popular search engine in the world web guide and search engine ... replaced Info Seek

Look Smart: web guide with more than 100,000 categories

Lycos: search engine, online community and more

WebCrawler: hybrid that combines several search engines

Windows Live Search: Microsoft's search engine

Yahoo!: world's most frequently used web directory


100 Search Engines For Academic Research

How Search Engines Operate

Search Engine Watch: news, tips and more

A Helpful Guide To Web Search Engines

Google Web Search Features

Foreign dictionaries and translation tools

Babel Fish Translation Service: Alta Vista's online service

Free translation technologies and services

Travlang's Translating Dictionaries: dozens to choose from

Foreign Language Dictionaries: the Internet Dictionary Project

Promt Online

Web Translation

World Lingo

The Evolution of Intellectual Freedom

Level of Measurement

Tutorial on Boolean Operators (3:03)

Sampling Distribution of the Mean Tutorial

Excel Macros

Larry Green's Applet Page

MacMillan Learning Statistical Applets: there are several resources you might try on this page ... access the applets with the last link in the right column

Rice Virtual Statistics Lab Statistical Applets

Rossman/Chance Statistical Applet Collection

JAVA Demonstrations

NSF Grant Proposal Guide

NIH Grants and Funding Opportunities

Sources of Research Funding

Finding Funding Opportunities Tutorial

US Library of Congress

National Science Digital Library

National Library of Medicine

California Digital Library

Encarta: free online encyclopedia from Microsoft

Free Thesaurusbookcases searchable entries from Encyclopedia Britannica

Webopedia: searchable encyclopedia on computer technology

Merriam Webster Dictionary: free access

Your linked to more than 1,800 dictionaries

Oxford English Dictionary Online: good but has access fee

One Look Dictionaries: good for technical terms

Biographical Dictionary: with more than 18,000 entries

About: network of web guides assembled by area experts

Guide to Political Research Online

Political Dictionary

Statistical Abstract of the US: from the US Census Bureau

CIA World Fact book: information about countries around the world

THOMAS: database of US legislation and related information

American Fact Finder: data from the US Census Bureau

Scholarly Societies Project: more than 1,000 links

FedStats: gateway to statistics from over 100 federal agencies, search by topic, agency or state

University of Michigan’s Statistical Resources on the Web: portal to statistics on the web, search by subject

UT Libraries’ Research by Subject Site

Historical Statistics of the US: includes statistics back to colonial times

Polling the Nations, 1986 to present: 14,000 surveys from US and 80 countries

Academic One File: full text of many Gallup Polls and publications

Academic Search Complete: some full-text, 1965 to present

Polling results of recent polls, election polls and surveys

Public Agenda Online: data and reports on current issues

Pew Research Center: recent poll results, by topic, includes international data

National Election Studies Guide: partial data for public opinion and electoral behavior and choice in American politics, 1948-2012

VassarStats: Web Site for Statistical Computation

Introduction to Sampling

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

Labor Stat Database

FAO Stat Database

The Data Web: network of online data libraries


Selecting Statistics: an online statistical advisor

Time Series Statistics

Mathematics Statistics and Analysis Calculators

Free Online Calculators & Scientific Calculator

Desmos: a free online tools that replaces the graphing calculator

Web Center for Social Research Methods

Automating Research with Google Scholar Alerts

Organizing Your Research with Reference Management Tools (e.g. Zotero)

Research Gate: Developed by a scientist who had a hard time collaborating with fellow researchers, this free social network allows scientists, professors and students to share and collaborate on research projects, build their reputations, and advance scientific progress.

Demos for Regression Concepts and Quantitative Methods

Sample Size Calculator: Gives the number for any given population size and desired confidence level. A reverse calculator lets you enter characteristics of an existing survey and gives the confidence interval (±X) to apply to the results.

Publishing Scholarly Presentations

Using Audio to Write

The Conference Abstract

CSU Content Analysis Research Guide

UCSF Content Analysis Resources

UGA Content Analysis Resources

An Introduction to Content Analysis

Free Content Analysis Tool

Content Analysis Guide

Content and Text Analysis Resources

Content Analysis Resources

105 Indispensable Resources for Online Academic Research

Research Randomizer

Want to take a survey but not sure how many responses to collect? This Survey Calculator gives you the number for any given population size and desired confidence level. A reverse calculator lets you enter characteristics of an existing survey and gives the confidence interval (±X%) to apply to the results. The Survey System site, sponsored by a survey software company, also gives clear explanations of statistical significance, survey design and related concepts. Also check out 20 Questions a Journalist (and You, too!) Should Ask About Poll Results.

Java Demos for Probability and Statistics

Princeton Data and Statistical Services: for data and assistance 

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