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INTERNSHIP Internship Report


Read the following instructions carefully before you begin your IR.

Internship Report Format

  1. Your IR must be a minimum of two pages, single-spaced, using 12-point font (not bold) only. Any IRs less than the minimum length will lose points. Don't go for brevity! Tell me what your internship was like and what you learned!

  2. I have given a number of questions below to get you started in thinking about what you want to write. You are NOT required to answer all of these. Use them as a basis for your reflections.

  3. You should relate your experiences to things that you learned in the course. Feel free to talk about both the positive and negative parts of your internship. Demonstrate your expertise!

  4. Always write in essay form in your own words. Do not use long bulleted lists or long quotations. I want to know about your writing skills as much as your internship.

  5. You should always begin your IR with an introductory paragraph that tells me what school you were at, what teacher you worked with, what ages and activities you helped with, and any general information. You should always end your IR with a concluding paragraph that sums up your thoughts on the internship.

  6. Make certain you check for correct spelling and grammar. If these give you trouble, take advantage of the online help that the Writing Lab provides. I will count off points on your IR if you have not paid attention to spelling and grammar.

  7. Keep your headings brief. Headings are not intended to be used to pad out your length.

  8. The Attendance Form is on the department website. Your completed and signed Attendance Form may be slipped under my office door, faxed, or mailed. My contact information is on the main Courses page. However you send it, it must reach me on or before the due date at 5 pm. (Obviously, that means you cannot put it in the mail on the due date!)  I will not accept your IR without your Attendance Form.

  9. Your correctly completed IR must be placed in your portfolio on or before the due date at midnight. Late assignments lose points, regardless of the reason. Nor will I accept an IR submitted past the drop dead date. (See the course schedule chart.).

  10. My grading criteria is given in the rubric that can be found on the Grading Rubric page. That page is linked to the ED Resources page just as this page is. Make sure you look at the rubric before you start writing.



Questions for Reflection


What individual physical characteristics were apparent?

What was the multicultural composition of the group?

What activities were popular?

Could all children in the room be viewed from one spot in the room?

Did all children seem to lose themselves in play?

What kinds of play existed? Solitary? Cooperative? Other?

What languages were spoken?

Did any child seem uncomfortable with adults?

What seemed to be the group’s general interest, general behavior?

Were there any children who needed an abundance of teacher attention?

Were there any children with special needs?

Teaching Behaviors and Interactions

How was guidance of child behavior undertaken?

Were all children supervised?

What style of teaching seemed apparent?

Were feelings of warmth and acceptance of individuality shown?

If you were a child in this room, how might you feel?

Did teachers show enthusiasm?


Did an atmosphere exist where children and teachers shared decision-making and showed respect for individual differences?

Were children exploring with teachers more often than being directed by them?

What were the planned activities?

Was there small group or large group instruction?

Was it a developmentally appropriate program?

How did activities begin and end?

Was the program based on child interest?

Did lots of dialogue exist among children? Among children and adults?

Were the children “tuned in” or “out”?

How were children moved from one activity to the next?

Overall First Impressions

What immediate questions would you have liked answered about the classroom?

What emotions occurred as you observed?

What were your first impressions of the classroom?




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