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The following topics are available on request to academic and community groups in several lengths and formats.

If your group would like a presentation or workshop on a topic not listed below, please ask.

To schedule a date or for more information, please email



Table of Contents
Political Science, Politics and Government Topics Economics Topics Geography Topics Education Topics Workplace Topics



pointPolitical Science, Politics and Government Topics

American Series

    The Supreme Court
        How Does the Supreme Court Work?
        Current Cases Before the Supreme Court
        The Making of a New Justice

        The Political SCOTUS
    Understanding ...
        the Declaration of Independence
        the US Constitution

        the US Congress

        American Political Parties

    The Politics of the Mayflower Pilgrims


State and Local Series

    Understanding ...

            Property Taxes

            Regressive and Progressive Taxation

            the Texas Constitution

            the Texas Legislature

            the Texas Court System

            Independent State Legislature (ISL) Theory
    The Texas Constitutional Amendment Election (in odd numbered years)
    Various topics of interest to local communities


Election Series

    Critical Voting: How to Make Your Vote Count
    Understanding ...
        the Primary Election System

        Public Opinion and Polls
        Campaign Fundraising
        Political Debates

        the Role of the Media

        Political Advertising
    Looking Ahead at ...
        Campaign 2024: National Elections

        Campaign 2024: Texas Elections
        Campaign 2024: Critical Issues

        Campaign 2024: the Presidential Election
    Looking Back at ...

         Campaign 2022: the Gubernatorial Election
         Campaign 2022: the Midterm Elections
         Campaign 2020: the Presidential Election
         Campaign 2022: Texas Primary Election
         Campaign 2022: Texas General Election

         Campaign 2022: Critical Issues

Issues and Institutions Series

    Nuclear Weapons
        Has North Korea Gone Nuclear?
        Has Iran Gone Nuclear?
        India vs. Pakistan
        What is a WMD?

        What is a Terrorist?
        The Terrorism Cast of Characters
        A Comparison of Past
and Present Terrorism

    The Rise and Spread of Islamic State

    The Kurds and the Uncertain Emergence of Kurdistan

    The Struggle over the South China Sea

    Developing Nations
    Defensive Alliances: NATO, SEATO
and Others
    Political Alliances: the UN
        What Exactly is No Child Left Behind?
        The Case For Vouchers
and the Environment


Comparative Series

    Central American Politics
    South American Politics
    Caribbean Politics
    African Politics
        topics cover specific regions as well as current issues
    European Politics
        topics cover individual countries as well as regional topics
    The EU
    Eastern European Politics
    Russian Politics
    Southeast Asian Politics
    Chinese Politics
        topics cover current domestic
and international issues
    Middle Eastern Politics


    or any combination of the above topics



pointEconomics Topics

The State of the Economy: 2023

What is Inflation?

What is a Recession?

Understanding Fuel Pricing
Understanding the Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve
and Interest Rates
and The Economy
The US National Debt
International Trade
The World Trade Organization



pointGeography Topics

The Changing Global Environment

Human Impact on Coral Reefs

Human Impact on Forests

Human Impact on the Environment

Environmental Economics and Policy

Crossing Borders: The Globalization Debate

Population and Settlement

Global Migration

World Population Growth

The Kurds and Kurdistan

The Rise of the Megacity

The Global Village

Which World: Scenarios for the 21st Century



pointEducation Topics

Technology and Education

    Successfully Teaching with Technology
    Computers in the Classroom
    The Nature of Distance Learning
    Skills Required for Success in Distance Learning
    Teaching via Two-way Television
    Teaching Online: A Three-Part Workshop
    Using the Internet to Make Learning Relevant
    Evaluating the Extended Classroom
    Online Testing
    Creating a Web Page Structure
    Critical Surfing: Information vs. Knowledge


Teaching Techniques

    Active Learning

    Techniques for Engaging Students

    Leading Successful Classroom Discussions

    Teaching Critical Thinking

    Using Short Reports to Teach Writing across Disciplines
    Making Learning Relevant

    Learning Styles
    Grading by Portfolio
    The Rule of Three
    Classroom Management: Discipline without Distress
    Successful Parent-Teacher Communication
    Dealing with Disasters in the Classroom

    Teaching Adult Learners

Issues in Education

    What Do We Gain from Diversity?

    Indicators of High Quality Preschool Education
    Indicators of High Quality Primary Grades Education
    What Exactly is No Child Left Behind?


Careers in Higher Education

    Getting Published in Academic Journals
    Conducting Social Science Research on the Internet
    How to Land a Job in Higher Education



pointWorkplace Topics

Flattery in the Workplace
How to Write a Good Speech
So You're Unemployed? What's Next?
Common Mistakes for New Managers

The Toxic Boss

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Workplace

Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Defining and Eliminating Sexual Harassment





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