GOVT 2301 Unit 3


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Unit 3: Federalism



A.  Read the following selections from the Margin Notes by clicking on each link.

Federalism Part I

Federalism Part II

[There may be some repetition of content.]


B.  Watch these presentations. When you click on one of the links below, a new screen will pop up. Use the scrollbar on the side of the new screen to navigate. You need Adobe Reader to view PDF files.HELP MESSAGE

[Each may take a few minutes to download.]


The Federal Context of Texas Policymaking



C.  (Optional) Read the following chapters from the textbooks.

Greenberg: Chapter 03

Tannahill: Chapter 03


D.  The following Optional Link is designed to help you do better in your course but it is not required.



Currently Under Construction!

E.  Activity #2: XXXXX (10 points)To Do Note




Activity Submission Instructions

By the deadline shown in the Course Schedule on the main page of the syllabus:

  • Send your X containing the X items requested in the body of a new email to

  • Put only your name and Activity #2 at the beginning of your email.

  • Be careful to use the correct subject line.

  • Late Xs will lose one point per day late, including weekends and holidays.



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