PROFESSOR                     Dr. Amy S. Glenn












Read each statement and choose the answer that best reflects your opinion. Remember that your course is an online course and should be compared to other online courses you've taken, not to face-to-face courses. If the course you are evaluating is your first online course, compare it to your realistic expectations of an online course.


The evaluation will take about 10 minutes to complete.


Completed evaluations are submitted to a file that is never publically accessible. Because no login is required to complete the evaluation, it is impossible to identify who completed a specific evaluation or whether a specific student completed any evaluation. The only information associated with an individual evaluation is the date and time it was completed.





Use the following definitions to determine your rating of your course and faculty member in questions 1-7.


OUTSTANDING           Performs very well; a model for other professors

VERY GOOD                Performs well; demonstrates above average performance

SATISFACTORY            Performs in middle range; demonstrates average performance

MARGINAL                   Demonstrates minimally acceptable skills; changes needed to improve instruction

UNSATISFACTORY      Does not meet minimum requirements; major changes needed to improve instruction



1. This course was ___.   


2. This professor's presentation of the materials was ___.   


3. This professor's method of keeping me informed of my progress was ___.   


4. This professor's effort to motivate me to learn in the course was ___.   


5. The professor's treatment of students with fairness and respect was ___.   


6. My overall rating of this professor is ___.   


7. My overall rating of this course is ___.   




8. If possible, I would enroll in another class taught by this professor.   


9. This professor was available to provide help when needed.   


10. What would you say you learned in this course?   




11. About how many semester hours had you completed before this semester?   


12. How many online courses had you completed before this semester?   


13. Did you take this course as a requirement?   


14. On how many assignments did you earn zeros in this course?   


15. On average, how many hours per week did you work on this course?   


16. What grade do you expect to earn in this course?   


17. Is this course in your major?   




Faculty members find that comments and examples are extremely valuable. Your answers to the following questions are optional but greatly appreciated!


18. The aspects of this course I found most helpful were:




19. The aspects of this course I would most like to see changed are:




20. What are some specific things this professor did particularly well?




21. What are some specific things you did not like about this course that the professor should change to improve your ability to learn the material?






When you have finished the questions, use the SUBMIT button below to send your answers to the results file.

(In order to submit your evaluation, you must answer all "choose one of the following" questions. If you missed one, please answer that question and submit your evaluation again.)