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The fate of American democracy is the biggest issue in American politics.

Jonathan Chait







Vote: The Machinery of Democracy

Electoral College

Presidential  Election

The Final Days of Election 2016 (24:30)

Election Basics: Crash Course Government (8:44)

Election 2016 (25:56)

US Politics Guide

Political Issues

Directory of US Political Parties

American Political Science Association

Best of History Web Sites

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources

Declaration of Independence

US Constitution

Liberal Philosophy

Conservative Philosophy

Libertarian Philosophy

Country Reports: Atlapedia contains information on every country of the world. Each profile has data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history and the economy.

The History Net: Where history lives on the Web! Access archives, world history, American history or even a specific battle.

Primary Documents in American History

Guide to Political Research Online

Political Science Resources on the Web

National Constitution Center

What it’s like to live on $2 a day in the United States (PDF)

The Negative Consequences of Uncivil Political Discourse (PDF)

Republican Presidential Primary Satire

Dissecting the 2008 Electorate: Most Diverse in US History

Pollsters Struggle to Pin Down the Right (Cell) Number

Primary Source Sets from the Library of Congress: Civics and Government, Civil Rights, Elections, Colonial and Early America and Political Cartoons

MIT Open Course CMS.360 Introduction to Civic Media

MIT Open Course 17.871 Political Science Laboratory

Our World in Data

Harvard Kennedy School Case Program

Animation of U.S. population growth from 1950 to 2050

How the zombie represents America’s deepest fears

The surprisingly fascinating politics of The Walking Dead

The mission of The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab is to identify, expose and explain disinformation where and when it occurs using open source research; to promote objective truth as a foundation of government for and by people; to protect democratic institutions and norms from those who would seek to undermine them in the digital engagement space. See also Digital Sherlocks.

Polling Report

Six maps that show the anatomy of America’s vast infrastructure

USA Facts

Without Immigration, US Economy Will Struggle to Grow

State of the Union (SOTU)

Supreme Court Nominations Not Confirmed

Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798 - 2020

Homeland Security Knowledgebase

White House Tapes: The President Calling

The 30 Second Candidate

The Living Room Candidate

Survey Research Aids

Informed Resource Documents: Links to historical documents, most from the more modern period of US History but a few important historical documents

FactCheck.org monitors factual accuracy in American politics, looking at what’s being said in TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and the like.

ProCon.org lays out the arguments on both sides of a host of controversial issues.

Poll Results

GSU's Political Science Resources

Web Center for Social Research Methods

LOC Country Studies

How Christian Were the Founders?

Independents Take Center Stage in the Obama Era: Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes: 1987-2009

The Misery Index

Represent: what your representatives in Congress say and do

US House Expenditure Reports

Politwoops: tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office

Open States: information on state legislatures

Political Party Time: tracks political fundraisers

Foreign Lobby Watch

The Marshall Project: nonpartisan, nonprofit news organization that covers the US criminal justice system

If you want to know what your US Senators, US Representatives or Governors are doing, take advantage of Map Muse’s locator maps. Locator maps will tell you exactly where your government officials are on any given day and time!

US Senators

US Representatives

US Governors

Open Secrets

Bloomberg's Politics News Videos

Buzz Feed, master of the personality quiz, released a new one that will definitely determine Which Supreme Court Justice You Are. (The quiz was adapted from A McSweeney's Article which was intended as a series of Supreme Court jokes, not an actual quiz.)

The Census Bureau's My Congressional District

Video Clip: A Review of the 2020 Democratic Primaries (4:57)

Video Clip: March 17 Presidential Primary Results (1:35)

2020 election news survival guide

Interactive Media Bias Chart


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